Click on the appropriate link below to navigate to your group's page for presentation 1. Your group members can use your group's page to communicate with one another, either directly on the page or using your group page's "Discussion" tab. (Please, do not use the "Discussion" tab on this page.) As you are working on your presentation, you and your group members can save drafts of your PowerPoint presentation (and other materials) on your group's page as you go.

When your your group is finished with the presentation, the final copy of the PowerPoint presentation should be uploaded to your group's page. Please remember to save your PowerPoint as a PPT file (2003 version), not a PPTX (2007 version).

Using your group pages on the wiki will simplify your group work process. Also, it provides a way for you to easily submit a digital copy of your presentation to me. Finally, on the day of the presentation -- hopefully -- it will eliminate problems. For instance, no one will have forgotten the presentation or saved it as the wrong file type, and there will be no fumbling around on the computer with flashdrives. The presentation should already saved and ready to go here on the wiki. Remember, too, that you can save links to things like YouTube videos and other web sources (using the the link button on the "Editor" bar that appears when you edit the page).

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