Portfolio #2, Film Review & Associated Assignments

MLA Materials for paper 2. Below is the handout on Quoting & Citing Correctly Using MLA--this shows you all of the different ways you can quote an author, using the proper signal phrases, in-text citations, and punctuation. The essay, "The Speech the Graduates Didn't Hear" is simply the text that I used throughout the Quoting & Citing Correctly Using MLA handout; this way, you can see where the quotes come from and how I have represented them using correct signal phrases and citations. Finally, the last handout, the Quoting and Citing Practice Exercise," asks you to put your new knowledge to use and practice quoting and citing in different ways. This assignment is due on Thursday 3/18.


In your handbook, The Brief McGraw-Hill Handbook, the table of contents on pp. 225-226 will tell you where to find examples and explanations for creating a proper works cited entry. On p. 228, there is a list of basic rules for constructing a works cited page.

APPROVED FILM REVIEWS -- These are the film reviews that you can use in your film analysis & synthesis paper. Remember: you need to choose THREE film reviews that you will quote and cite in your film analysis & synthesis essay.

Roger Ebert_Chicago Sun Times
James Berardinelli_ReelReviews
Frederica Mathewes-Green_Christianity Today
A O Scott_New York Times
Richard Schickel_Time Magazine
Pete Travers_Rolling Stone Magazine
Stephanie Zacharek_Salon.com
Mick LaSalle_San Fransico Chronicle
Student-Written Examples of Film Analysis & Synthesis Essays:

The handout below details the instructions for Film Analysis & Synthesis Paper, Response Assignment, Presentation 2, lists the due dates, and includes the rubrics for each assignment.

Introduction to Analyzing Film (PowerPoint Presentation):

Basic Information about the film Into the Wild

Discussion Questions about Into the Wild (will be discussed in class -- NOT homework):

Reading on How to Write a Film Review: